Plastic Meat Cart - Buggy 200L
Insulated Meat Trolleys for Food Processing


Product Summary

Article No. FP-200
Dimensions (mm) 820 x 720 x 700 mm
(The dimensions can vary ± 2%)
Construction 4 wheels
Weight [kg] 22
Material: PE
Colour red
Standard: DIN 9797
Description: bottom and walls closed, filling, reinforcement and insulation PUR
Price: on request

Buggies and freezing:
It is not recommended to use insulated tubs for freezing purpose because of possibility of their constructional damages.
Throwing frozen goods into insulated tubs is forbidden, any damages caused by sharp edges or weight of frozen pieces will not be covered by warranty.

Product Description

Plastic Buggies on wheels from FACH-PAK are being used in food processing mainly of meat and fish plants. They are also great wherever you need to efficiently transport cat. 3 type waste. They allow convenient transport between several places. The Plastic insulated Meat Cart 200 L weigh only 22 kgs and has capacity of 200 liters. Our Insulated Trolleys are much lighter than comparable versions made of stainless steel and thanks to special wheels are much quieter compared to versions made of stainless steel. The outer and inner surface of our plastic container are completely smooth which allows easy and quick cleaning, reduces washing costs same time. Internal filling with foamed polyethylene (PE) ensures safety of the transported product. The containers are equipped with an ergonomic handle for convenient movement.



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