Marking of products

Printing logos on products

Would you like to turn FACH-PAK containers into packaging that matches your company's image? No problem! If you wish, we will print the company's logo or your advertisement on containers. On request, we will show you what is technically possible for the products of your choice and will prepare an individual print offer! Colour matching is another way of giving our products characteristic features of your company.

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Screen printing

We offer screen printing of every container. Screen printing means the application of a one-colour print with a special ink. We can apply customer's logo, which will make the container easily identifiable. Screen printing uses one colour – usually black or white.


Engraved markings on our products will ensure the individual identification of the container. Engraved markings are durable and impossible to remove without a trace. Possible markings include the serial number, company's name, or intended use e.g. KAT.3

In-mould labelling

With the most demanding customers in mind, we also offer multicolour graphic markings for insulated containers. In-mould labelling is a visual way to identify a customer with the company's logo or any other graphic. The technology can also be used for marketing purposes or to strengthen a brand. In addition, this unique labelling technique can be used to show user guidelines or other messages required to be presented for a specific product application.


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