About us

FACH-PAK is a family company specialising in the production and distribution of professional plastic packagings for storage and transport. Thanks to our commitment and perseverance, in less than 20 years, we managed to transform our small family business into a well-functioning company that is a significant European supplier of packagings. FACH-PAK is also the first and only manufacturer of triple-walled hygienic insulated containers in this part of the world. Our registered office is located in the centre of Middle Pomerania in Słupsk, but in order to be closer to the customers from other regions of Poland, we have opened two offices - in Warsaw and Krakow. We also have foreign branches in Germany and Lithuania and numerous sales offices in, among others, the United States, England, France, Denmark, Norway and Russia. We can have a well-developed distribution network, comprising dozens of companies involved in the promotion and sale of our packagings, e.g. in Australia, South Africa or Korea, thanks to which we can quickly and professionally reach any place where there is demand for our company's products. The FACH-PAK team comprises energetic and well-motivated people. This is the reason we are ahead of the competition with our accuracy, reflexes and commitment. Among our regular customers, you will find the most recognisable domestic and global brands, but also small Polish family companies and start-ups.

Why us?


The fact that we have remained a family-run company despite our constant growth and the fact that we have opened up to global markets is an undeniable success, as all decision-making processes are still extremely short and every request is considered individually. Production processes are individualised as far as possible. We mix and select the dyes ourselves so that we can offer many colour variations for our packagings. We personalise our products in-house, ensuring that they are labelled with your company logo or numbering. Products offered by FACH-PAK are manufactured using equipment from leading and renowned manufacturers. As far as components and materials for production are concerned, we focus on primary packaging materials approved for contact with food.  We purchase from global market leaders, thanks to which we are able to better control the quality and repeatability of our packagings. We work on the final design of our products from the very beginning. Using the most modern software and the knowledge and experience of our designers, we watch over the final design of the product until we are sure that the final version meets the expectations of the market and the companies that decide to purchase it. It is a matter of honour for us to satisfy our customers and make them want to choose our products again. We are very efficient. We are able to deliver domestic orders within several dozen hours. We have over 20 000 recurring customers from all over the world. 

A brand that offers new opportunities.


FACH-PAK, in addition to domestic production of plastic packaging, supply accessories and other products made of steel, e.g.  transport trolleys for fulfilment houses in retail chains and stainless steel jacks and tippers designed and manufactured in our sister company Boxlifter. The tippers are particularly suitable for emptying the pallet boxes and insulated containers we supply, but also for other packagings such as stuffing trolleys and drums. Our advantage is also our offer of high-quality products manufactured by renowned foreign manufacturers, of which we are an authorised partner in Poland. All our products manufactured in Poland and elsewhere are subjected to meticulous quality control. Today, FACH-PAK is a group of companies that also includes Bplast, Boxmech and Rotoplast, all of which have been set up for individuals tasks. BPLAST is a company that produces insulated containers on its own premises under the FACH-PAK brand name, which are the flagship product of the group. Sister company Boxmech designs and manufactures machinery for meat, fish and food processing from stainless and acid-resistant steel. Rotoplast focuses on a broadly defined contract manufacturing, mainly using the injection and blow moulding methods, but primarily using the rotomoulding method concerning which the company offers assistance in creating the required product from concept to manufacture. 

We are ready for the future

Since the establishment of our company, every new year brings success and an increase in sales and company value. We are very proud of this, but we will not rest on our laurels. We continuously extend our offer and invest in new products. Today, we can say that this the company we dreamed of when we founded it two decades ago. But, as is often the case in family businesses, the second generation, young and hungry for success, has now taken over, so you can be sure that our company will develop even further.

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