PE insulation - polyethylene foam



The 460-type spill tray offered by FACH-PAK is an insulated box with a capacity of 445 litres. The design is similar to 460 PUR model but it is insulated with foamed polyethylene. Such a container is suitable for the transport of fresh fish and seafood on board a ship and to store fresh raw material in the processing plants. The container is relatively shallow and the pressure on the product in the lower layer is low. This helps to avoid damage and crushing of, for example, fish. The double-walled, massive container has internal insulation made of foamed polyethylene PE hence it is very durable and resistant to damage. Thick and foamed handles in the top corners ensure stability and safety when the spill tray is lifted up with the use of lifting hooks. Another advantage is easy handling with pallet trucks and accessibility from all 4 sides. The pallet container is suitable for recycling as secondary raw material.
Item no.: FP-460-1 PE
External dimensions: 48.4x40.6x22.8 inch
Internal dimensions: 46.1x38.2x16.1 inch
Bottom and sidewalls: smooth, 2 runners
Color: beige, blue
Capacity in gallons: 117
Features: 4 drainage holes with stoppers
Material: virgin PE-1A
Insulation: foamed polyethylene

Working in freezers! Insulated containers - working in freezers: The use of insulated containers for freezing their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage. Putting frozen goods in insulated containers is not allowed, any damage caused by sharp edges and/or the weight of frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.


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