PE insulation - polyethylene foam



The FACH-PAK 605 PE insulated container is a tub filled internally with PE foam, which is compatible with popular single-walled plastic pallet box. The container has been designed and manufactured in such a way as to be able to work in difficult conditions while minimizing the risk of damage and shutdown. Thanks to insulation with foamed polyethylene (PE), the containers have a monolithic and hygienic structure. That is why they are easy to repair and can continue to work after a short time. The containers can be used wherever standard plastic crates can not, due to their reduced resistance to hard working conditions and susceptibility to cracks and damage. FACH-PAK type 605 plastic pallet boxes are chosen especially by the recycling industry, e.g. battery disposal, they are also perfect as Cat.3 waste containers. They can also be commonly found in fish, meat and poultry processing.
Item no.: FP-605 PE
External dimensions: 47.2x39.4x30.9 inch (+/- 2%)
Internal dimensions: 44.72x36.85x22.44 mm
Bottom and sidewalls: smooth, 2 runners
Colour: beige, blue
Capacity in gallons: 159
Features: 2 drainage holes with stoppers
4 interlocking lugs to prevent slipping when stacked
Weight: 55 kg
Material: virgin PE-1A
Insulation: foamed polyethylene


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