PUR insulation - polyurethane foam



FACH-PAK 1010 insulated container is currently the largest one out of the containers we offer. The 1010 litre capacity facilitates the calculation of the quantities to be transported. Such spill trays are mainly used in fish processing, e.g. during the process of salting the raw material or during the transport of salmon or shrimps. They are also recommended for meat processing plants, e.g. for curing meat. The polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation used in the containers guarantees a long service life and ensures a constant product temperature. PUR containers are particularly recommended as a safe, efficient and hygienic solution for the cold chain. All insulated containers are manufactured from top quality materials and are approved for direct food contact.
Item no.: FP-1010 PUR
External dimensions: 48,8 x 44 x 50,1 in
Internal dimensions: 43,8 x 38,9 x 38,9 in
Bottom and sidewalls: smooth, with 3 runners
Color: beige | blue
Capacity in gallons: 266
Equipped with: 2 drainage holes
Material: virgin PE-1A
Insulation: polyurethane foam

Working in freezers  ! 
Insulated containers - working in freezers: The use of insulated containers for freezing their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage. Throwing frozen goods into insulated containers is prohibited, any damage caused by sharp edges and/or the weight of the frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.


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