All pallet containers have appropriate lids with PUR insulation. They are fastened with UV-resistant rubber ratchet straps. Due to the way the containers are locked, they are not completely waterproof. The containers with lids are stackable.

lid dedicated to insulated containers - type FP-460 and type FP-660
Insulated containers - working in freezers:
The use of insulated containers for freezing their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage.
Throwing frozen goods into insulated containers is prohibited, any damage caused by sharp edges and/or the weight of the frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.

Plastic covers for pallet boxes and insulated containers

The covers are made of tear-resistant polythene (PE). This inexpensive but effective solution ensures hygienic sealing to protect the smell of your product. The stretchable cover is also easy to put on and remove. The covers are single-use. We offer covers for type 660 insulated containers and for pallet boxes with a base 1200x1000mm. Foil covers for steel and plastic stuffing trolleys are also available.


Ratchet straps

strong UV-resistant rubber tensioners for closing the containers with lids

Durable ratchet straps for closing containers with lids. UV-resistant.

Drain plug


Drain plug ¾''

A drain plug with a ¾'' hole allows to connect a hose or drain valve.

Key for unscrewing the plugs 


A tool for unscrewing plugs in all models of insulated containers. The wrench tips are designed to fit perfectly into 2" and ¾" plugs.
The key is made of die-cast aluminum and hardened for durability.


Adapter: BCS 56x4 external thread to BSP 2'' internal thread.
adapter BCS 56x4 external thread to BSP 2'' internal thread

RFID identification

RFID identification


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